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From source (20 January 2023):
My first attempt in drawing a G5 pony. Here is Pipp Petals in a Flamenco inspired style!
safe990969 artist:thebigstuff8939 character:pipp petals1516 species:pegasus186996 species:pony668134 g56021 adorapipp460 alternate hairstyle17359 bow15863 clothing299898 cloud18370 coat markings2011 colored hooves5483 cute128332 dress27197 female743946 flamenco dress4 hair bow8804 heart25741 heart eyes8866 hooves12794 looking at you99625 mare294212 open mouth82445 open smile1225 pipp wings1375 princess pipp7 raised hoof29171 signature16706 smiling151968 smiling at you2024 socks (coat marking)2656 solo628437 spread wings33751 sun3858 sunset3198 three quarter view3128 unshorn fetlocks17193 wingding eyes12388 wings70745


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