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Shining Bright 🎄

Koi really excited to become a fine pine tree!
I wanted to finish this piece back in December but was kinda busy… so here it is x)
safe987456 artist:rexyseven233 oc375868 oc only252696 oc:koraru koi15 oc:rusty gears164 species:earth pony141356 species:pony664648 species:seapony (g4)2417 augmented1592 blushing105568 button458 christmas7700 christmas lights924 christmas tree2313 clothing298811 cute126832 cutie mark28404 dialogue44527 duo38608 duo female6547 eyebrows6737 eyebrows visible through hair2361 eyelashes5146 eyes closed54496 female741098 females only7981 helmet6855 holiday10755 lights559 mare291684 ocbetes3692 prosthetic leg492 prosthetic limb1641 prosthetics1907 scarf13776 simple background234788 sitting38418 smiling150444 socks37190 string lights35 striped socks12048 text27517 tree19609


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