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From source (4 December 2022):
safe987542 artist:galaxy swirl15 derpibooru original13396 character:pipp petals1221 character:queen haven46 character:zipp storm810 species:pegasus185661 species:pony664734 g54879 spoiler:g5366 adorapipp318 adorazipp138 beanie2183 candy3906 candy cane1383 cellphone2329 christmas7700 clothing298844 colored eyebrows1482 colored hooves5031 cute126884 daughter359 eye clipping through hair3787 eyebrows6753 female741184 food41721 hat52701 holiday10755 holly1018 hoof hold5315 hooves12183 mother1376 mother and child896 mother and daughter2923 mothers gonna mother50 parent and child97 phone3747 pipp wings1093 present3487 profile5191 royal sisters (g5)24 santa hat3505 scarf13779 selfie1921 siblings4447 sisters5131 smartphone1404 three quarter view2926 unshorn fetlocks16628


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