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From source (20 October 2022):
Commission for FOXTrot3 , somehow I forgot to publish it here 6_9 Really lovely character!
safe987574 artist:asimos176 oc375895 oc only252714 oc:karakusa2 species:anthro147355 species:earth pony141387 species:plantigrade anthro18178 g4279638 belt3344 boots13068 clothing298863 colored eyebrows1484 earth pony oc2989 eyebrows6763 female741221 filly35811 foal8948 gray background4247 hand4663 hand on hip3551 hips1908 jewelry37447 loot4 ring1542 shoes22002 signature15802 simple background234827 smiling150493 solo626375 thigh boots478 three quarter view2929 young1455


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