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From source (26 January 2023):
I got to create this for the cover image of the Equestria Escapades Zine! You can download the full zine right now, right here .
It's been so long since I've drawn anything MLP, I forgot how fun it is to draw them! And since MLP art is what I originally posted back in the day, it's been nice to go back to my roots :)
safe987574 artist:bratzoid102 character:applejack97511 character:fluttershy115832 character:pinkie pie120101 character:rainbow dash129484 character:rarity105017 character:spike45203 character:twilight sparkle172022 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75791 species:alicorn136364 species:bird5022 species:dragon33380 species:earth pony141387 species:pegasus185678 species:pony664766 species:unicorn184291 g4279638 apple9488 apple juice136 applebutt2425 arm behind head3672 armpits26221 basket1940 belly17036 blue jay171 book20503 butt22718 butterfly3912 cake5989 candy3906 cloud18225 cookie2202 crumbs173 cupcake3127 drink3327 ear fluff17983 eating6082 featureless crotch3940 female741221 flower15332 food41725 glowing horn12313 high res16793 hoof fluff822 hooves12189 hooves behind head183 juice805 kettle68 looking at something1558 lying down9498 magic45334 male196714 mane seven3611 mane six16637 mare291796 mare in the moon975 moon13577 muffin3709 on back12405 open mouth81614 orange juice102 picnic792 picnic basket323 picnic blanket583 pie2042 plate1066 plot41101 predictions and prophecies10 rearity2545 salad240 sandwich1168 signature15802 sitting38438 sleeping13191 sweets108 tea1916 teapot633 telekinesis17477 underhoof27221 unshorn fetlocks16632 wall of tags1735


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