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From source (17 June 2017):
It really is a hard choice.

I mean, Nightmare Star has elegance and that beautiful horn crown. But Daybreaker has an awesomely vicious attitude and that sweet armor.

I think Daybreaker wins in the end, though, because of her name. Nightmare Star is a good name, and goes along with the Nightmare naming convention for evil alicorns. But Daybreaker is possibly the most metal name you could come up with for a character like this.

That's the kind of name where you know the writers were all sitting around, workshopping names for the evil Celestia. Then someone said "How about Daybreaker?" and everyone in the room went "Oooooh, shit, that's it", and they all threw their laptops on the ground and went home.
safe987554 artist:deusexequus1 character:daybreaker1752 character:nightmare star460 character:princess celestia55891 species:alicorn136362 species:pony664747 episode:a royal problem1571 g4279617 my little pony: friendship is magic163150 angry16430 crown10391 dialogue44532 duo38623 fangs15008 female741199 gray background4247 helmet6856 jewelry37443 looking back30913 mare291778 necklace11463 peytral2044 profile5194 regalia12164 sharp teeth2516 simple background234818 slit pupils434 speech bubble14126 text27523 three quarter view2926 two flaming sunponies8


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