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From source (27 January 2023):
yupp she doenst like tha mangos

Moonlit Mist © me
safe987456 artist:spookyle242 oc375868 oc:moonlit mist7 species:bat pony29735 species:pony664648 g4279532 baby6415 baby pony4355 bat1207 bat pony oc10150 bat wings4765 bow15769 choker6384 clothing298811 colored wings4195 cute126832 dress27119 ear tufts303 female741098 filly35806 flower15331 flower in hair4700 foal8947 folded wings3773 freckles17921 front view344 full face view378 grand galloping gala336 hair bow8735 jewelry37434 mare291684 necklace11459 ocbetes3692 profile5180 reference sheet7457 shoes21993 side view720 solo626281 spread wings33097 striped background47 tail15363 tail bow2942 three quarter view2912 wings69514 young1450


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