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From source (6 December 2022):
"Dude you HAVE to try these new smoothies!"

"Hi windy…"

Chibi practice with my fav g5 background ponies! They interacter once, that means they are friends 💨🪘

#mlpg5 #mlpgen5 #mlpmym #mlpwindy #mlptyt #mlpart
safe989757 artist:soniana2524 character:windy (g5)27 species:pegasus186546 species:pony666952 species:unicorn185008 g55427 bongo beats1 coat markings1890 colored hooves5237 colored wings4314 cute127824 female742944 flying24461 hoof hold5379 hooves12511 male197014 mare293393 multicolored wings2349 musical instrument5349 one ear down64 simple background235519 sitting38665 smoothie166 socks (coat marking)2545 spread wings33572 stallion64888 unshorn fetlocks16890 white background55352 wings70386


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