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From source (10 October 2021):
Big and Smol Sunny
safe987457 artist:pucksterv32 character:sunny starscout1659 species:alicorn136345 species:earth pony141356 species:pony664649 g54864 my little pony: a new generation986 age difference353 alicornified2980 artificial wings955 augmented1592 chest fluff23059 coat markings1783 colored eyebrows1478 colored hooves5027 cute126833 duality2601 eyebrows6737 fake wings439 female741099 filly35806 filly sunny25 hooves12179 magic45322 magic horn72 magic wings454 one eye closed17195 open mouth81578 ponidox4980 profile5180 running3768 self paradox885 self ponidox4676 simple background234789 socks (coat marking)2450 sunnybetes421 sunnycorn65 three quarter view2913 time paradox262 unshorn fetlocks16624 white background55068 wings69514 wink14169 young1450


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