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From source (3 June 2021):
Dashie is the cutest pet <3

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safe987554 artist:irisarco105 derpibooru original13396 character:rainbow dash129481 species:human74989 species:pegasus185666 species:pony664747 g4279617 :32591 :<643 basket1940 bathroom1068 bathtub976 blanket3130 blushing105577 cropped40329 cute126891 dashabetes6353 day663 desk1839 dialogue44532 dock24219 ear fluff17982 eyes closed54504 feathered wings65 female741199 floppy ears30701 frown14628 grass5577 head pat164 human on pony petting63 indoors1627 leash3897 lidded eyes19705 looking at you98590 lying down9497 mare291778 offscreen character17489 onomatopoeia2114 outdoors5575 pat179 path217 pet1071 pet bed30 pet-dash108 petting1048 pony pet330 pov6289 sleeping13191 smiling150480 sound effects895 tail15370 unamused9767 walking2919 water8458 watermark9501 wet4352 wings69551 zzz1283


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