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From source (5 September 2020):
Let's go
Don't wait
This night's almost over
Honest, let's make
This night last forever

Uploaded to DeviantArt on 7 September 2020.
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✨Discord: #ravensunart7352

safe987574 artist:confetticakez777 character:fluttershy115832 character:rainbow dash129484 species:pegasus185678 species:pony664766 ship:flutterdash2450 g4279638 aaaaaaahhhhh24 awkward592 blushing105582 chest fluff23070 cinema210 cute126903 dashabetes6353 date504 dialogue44535 female741221 first date3 floppy ears30708 fluffy pony4635 food41725 frick2 gay13561 grin22220 gritted teeth6820 heck68 help125 high res16793 hug17073 inner thoughts46 lesbian50890 lidded eyes19706 mare291796 nervous3503 nervous grin677 popcorn960 rainbow dork150 seat131 shipping103267 shyabetes8661 sitting38438 smiling150493 sweat13740 sweating profusely227 theater198 thoughts32 winghug1764 wings69566


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