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August 14, 2022 at 11:36 PM UTC
Absolute BFF's… Or perhaps something more💕?

Alternate Source (Twitter)
Absolute BFF's… Or perhaps something more❤?
#mylittlepony #starlightglimmer #trixielulamoon
safe988237 artist:bowsarefriends8 character:starlight glimmer30596 character:trixie39107 species:pony665374 species:unicorn184529 ship:startrix1568 g4280249 accessory swap1050 chest fluff23154 clothing299117 duo38727 ear fluff18065 female741882 hat52771 heart25573 hoof on shoulder70 hug17091 lesbian50912 looking at you98895 mare292364 open mouth81810 open smile891 shipping103317 smiling150778 smiling at you1663 trixie's hat2980 wizard hat678


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