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From source (6 April 2023):
Lmao I haven't posted art in a month

So here's a Twilight


Derpibooru (6 April 2023):
She lost a bookmark and spent the previous night looking for it

Ok, there's my April Fools Event Contribution, time to go back into hiding
safe989757 artist:zeepheru_pone51 character:twilight sparkle172198 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75909 species:alicorn136667 species:pony666952 g4281272 angry16458 annoyed3559 bags under eyes1162 cheek fluff3612 chest fluff23377 coffee2522 coffee mug825 colored eyebrows1632 drink3381 ear fluff18288 eyebrows7469 female742945 fluffy8955 glowing horn12461 gradient background7862 horn31497 leg fluff2214 looking at you99301 magic45483 magic aura2912 mare293394 mug2611 orange background476 simple background235516 solo627695 telekinesis17564 twilight is not amused890 unamused9805


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