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From source (30 August 2022):
I redrew this panel of Izzy from the new comic. I made a version without the other panels and speech bubbles. it is free to use, you can use it as a profile picture or cover, just give me credits if you publish it elsewhere :D
safe989760 artist:digitaldrawingmachine2 character:izzy moonbow2246 character:pipp petals1344 species:pegasus186546 species:pony666955 species:unicorn185010 g55426 adorapipp384 bubble3011 close-up3410 colored eyebrows1632 comic66333 cute127824 eye reflection433 eyebrows7471 front view362 full face view400 gradient hair2710 izzybetes632 multicolored hair5035 pipp wings1210 rainbow2377 redraw1065 reflection2037 shipping fuel1233 solo627698


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