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shippy kisses c:

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Posted previously at: 2017-11-24T08:41:23 | Posted previously by: faience
safe980293 artist:creeate97125 character:captain celaeno695 character:fizzlepop berrytwist1856 character:pinkie pie119619 character:princess luna65227 character:princess skystar1108 character:queen novo712 character:rainbow dash128901 character:tempest shadow6428 character:twilight sparkle171163 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75372 species:alicorn134745 species:anthro145380 species:classical hippogriff3490 species:earth pony138264 species:hippogriff6122 species:pegasus182688 species:pony656575 species:unicorn180792 ship:celaenodash5 ship:lunovo1 ship:skypie102 ship:tempestlight904 my little pony: the movie (2017)10245 anthro with ponies1255 blushing103845 boop4571 broken horn4879 dialogue43570 ear piercing14230 earring11697 eye scar3025 female732904 flower15030 flower in hair4563 heart25122 jewelry35866 kissing12774 lesbian50532 mare284457 noseboop1735 piercing21869 raised hoof27879 scar6810 shipping102447 simple background230954 speech1680 white background53821


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