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Spoiler Guidelines

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Any officially released piece of media related to the My Little Pony franchise—and content created based on it—should be tagged with all appropriate spoiler tags, for a time period relative to the tag and a reasonable following buffer period.

As an example, Season 7 Episode 4 of a currently running series should be tagged with

while a single release like Rainbow Roadtrip should be tagged spoiler:rainbow roadtrip for a month after its first release.

All media shall be considered 'released' at the date of its first official airing or showing in any English-speaking country.

Finally, if you’re in doubt or don’t have enough information, just tag a post spoilers to be safe.

The default filter will update when possible to include the spoiler tags currently in effect. For any further personalization, please make an account and a custom filter.

The generic spoiler tags currently in effect are: spoiler:season1 for spoiler:pony life.

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