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Tagging Discussion

For discussion regarding site tags, including requesting aliases, implications, spoiler images, and tag descriptions. Subscribe
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Tag requests
Posted by Wcctnoam
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Official spoiler images
Posted by Wcctnoam
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The G5 tag
Posted by Wcctnoam
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Tagging Guidelines
Posted by Wcctnoam
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"x in the comments" tags
Posted by Fluttgirshy
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Character tags
Posted by SerenePony
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Alias and implication requests
Posted by Wcctnoam
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Rating question
Posted by Fluttgirshy
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OC Tag Description Requests - Read Post 1 Before Requesting
Posted by NorthernDawnArt
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Is it worth having two different kelpie tags?
Posted by Nitro Indigo
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Featured image tag
Posted by Krickis
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Detailed descriptions on tags?
Posted by Krickis
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When to use Manebooru Exclusive tag
Posted by Krickis
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Do nsfw exist?
Posted by Hammer1
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Where is my image/upload/art?
Posted by Wcctnoam
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