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About advertising

Manebooru is awesome, and you should get your ad here so that more fans can see it!

We only accept advertisements related to the MLP fandom or general geek culture. Advertisements are shown in rotation based on how many active ads we currently have. We do accept advertisements for NSFW content, but such ads will only run on images rated "questionable" or "explicit". Finally, we cannot make any guarantees regarding quantities of impressions or clicks.

Free advertising

We love to support fandom artists, projects, events, organizations, and charities, and therefore we are proud to offer free short-term advertising on Manebooru!

Fandom artists, events, and organizations (such as conventions and fan sites) may request two weeks of free advertising once every six months. Fandom projects (such as art packs) may request two weeks of free advertising once per project. Charities typically get priority and may request longer terms of advertising depending on scope and availability. Please note that you must be directly affiliated with, or have written authorization from, any project or group you are advertising. Advertisement requests made without authorization from the promoted group or project in question will be denied.

If interested, please contact [email protected]. Note that availability of free advertising slots may be limited based on demand.

Please make sure the message subject line includes your project name. If we do not reply within three days, contact us through Discord. Contact us at least a month before you want your ad to go live as other ads may be scheduled weeks in advance and waiting in queue.

Advertisement requirements

Advertisements must be in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format, no larger than 500kb, with a resolution between 699x79 and 729x91. Recommended size is 728x90px.

Advertisements must be at most what we'd rate "suggestive" or "semi-grimdark"; keep it tame, even for advertising NSFW.

No third-party advertising networks

Please do not contact us if you represent a third-party ad network or ad provider. We manage all advertisements in-house and are not interested in working with any external ad providers or networks. Manebooru is not operated for a profit, and therefore we are not interested in any revenue an advertising network could potentially bring us.

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