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Rules of the Manebooru Community

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#0 The rules are a guideline.

The rules are not law, they are subject to judgement.

  1. There are no technicalities or loopholes. Repeated rules-lawyering and excuses will mark you as a bad-faith actor. If we have to make a rule for you, we will ban you.
  2. Users that consistently create a negative environment or experience for others will be considered to be in breach of Rule 1.
  3. Being banned from the site or the server doesn't necessarily mean you will get banned from the other one, but it will happen if the reason is severe and cross-platform.
  4. Staff decisions are final. If you want to challenge them, follow the proper appeal methods. Do not fight or undo tagging, do not repost removed content.

#1 Be on your best behaviour.

Most important of all, be kind and friendly to each other. The principal values of the show are what we must exemplify at all times.

  1. Do not impersonate people. We can and will verify people’s identity when needed and there will be no tolerance for someone pretending to be someone else.
  2. Respect peoples' privacy and personal information.
  3. Keep the comments, the forums and the Discord channels civil and respectful. Criticism and debate are allowed within the constraints of common courtesy, civility and decorum.
  4. Keep forum threads on topic. Do not derail, shitpost or distract from the focus of conversation.
  5. Do not roleplay anywhere on site.

#2 Follow our content restrictions.

Not all types of content are allowed on this site. We cannot provide a strict definition for all of them, but please follow these guidelines.

  1. Do not upload content unrelated to My Little Pony.
  2. Do not upload content that promotes hate or contains hateful symbology.
  3. Do not upload suggestive, questionable or explicit content of characters portrayed as, or intended to be, underage.
  4. Do not upload photographs containing real people in NSFW situations.
  5. Do not upload content that is illegal.
  6. Do not discuss politics, religion, recent events or similar controversial topics on the site. Images that deal with these topics are allowed, but comments for them will be turned off, and the conversation is not welcome anywhere else on the site.

#3 Use filters for content you don't want to see.

Use filters to hide or spoiler content according to your personal preferences. The comments, the forums and the report function are not to be used to force your opinion.

  1. Please use the report function, the feedback tools, and the Site and Policy, Tagging, and Uploader subforums for airing your concerns. Do not engage with people if you think they are breaking the rules or acting in bad faith—use the proper channels.
  2. Unfilterable content is subject to the constraints of the Default filter. That means avatars and account names must be SFW and inoffensive. Content linked in the forums or the comments must be properly spoilered and forewarned following the rating guidelines of the Default filter.
  3. Tag images according to site consensus and guidelines, not your personal preferences.

#4 Respect artists and their stipulations.

Artists have full creative and distribution control of the content they make. You must follow their restriction, preference and conditions when dealing with their work.

  1. You must provide sources and correctly credit the creator of the content, whenever possible. You must respect and tag their licensing preference. You must respect their input and intention on the tags and description of an image. If no source is available (for example, a commissioned work not posted on the artist's main site), at minimum an artist tag must be applied.
  2. Images generated by, or including content generated by, machine learning (commonly referred to as "AI") must be tagged with the machine learning generated tag as well as the ML model used in the ai model:* format.
  3. Be aware of the Do-Not-Post list, and do not alter or mis-tag uploads in an attempt to evade it.

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