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going through past uploads it was only gifs users could make

now with webm support you can see the apple pone get the book in her mouth once again with sound

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Posted previously at: 2018-03-21T00:55:52 | Posted previously by: camtwosix
safe989757 artist:oblivionfall65 character:applejack97595 character:twilight sparkle172198 species:earth pony142003 species:pony666952 a colt classic7 angry16458 animated64337 bgm8 book20564 clothing299541 cowboy hat9530 female742945 grimdark source155 hat52905 hooves12511 mare293394 puffy cheeks2620 silly4658 silly pony1991 sound5066 talking3266 webm7422 who's a silly pony446 youtube link2414


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