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Telescoping Effect

This is a telescoping effect, one of memory biases. People tend to perceive distant events as being more recent than they are and recent events as being more remote than they are.

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Posted previously at: 2019-07-02T02:57:16 | Posted previously by: KentuckyFriedScootaloo
safe989700 artist:umneem124 character:apple bloom27845 character:rainbow dash129666 character:roseluck3013 character:scootaloo27956 character:sweetie belle26197 species:bird5048 species:earth pony141985 species:pegasus186520 species:pony666901 species:raven65 species:unicorn184988 comic:my rational pony87 backwards ballcap570 baseball cap1311 cap2818 clothing299512 comic66331 cutie mark crusaders11045 explicit series5383 female742890 file69 hat52894 mare293344 tree19672


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