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As you have seen, on the left and the right are 6 branches with 6 elements.

The 2 stones above that are closest to the element of Magic are not Elements of Harmony but manifestations of the power of the Element of Magic: Redemption (the golden stone on the right) and Forgiveness (the purple stone on the left). These ''elements'' were smaller than the other ones.

The 5 elements on the right belong to Mane 5 and the Pillars. The 5 elements on the left belong to the Student 5 (blue-Silverstream, azure-Ocellus, raw green-Sandbar, golden orange- Smolder, cadmium orange-Yona). The significance of the elements of the Student 6 is still a mystery for everyone. Their power is different from the old elements, and they perhaps will have another purpose.

The element of Magic belongs to Star Swirl, Twilight and Gallus in this case.

The green element placed on the horn is a little bit different than the others. Is the Element of Creation which is neither an element of Harmony or Disharmony. In this story, the green jewel belonged originally to Grogar. It was like an accessory to the bell which gave him the power to create monstrous beings but from mysterious reasons, Spike will be the new host of this power. The old Scorpan will be the one to save the egg of Spike from the evil of Grogar's minions.

The story of the 7th element or The Element of Creation will be told in the next posts.

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