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Posted previously at: 2020-07-15T04:46:57 | Posted previously by: AH96
safe992656 screencap195331 character:applejack97681 character:twilight sparkle172375 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76028 species:alicorn137096 species:earth pony143073 species:pony669913 g4.51746 my little pony:pony life2518 spoiler:pony life s01e0751 animated64655 chibi8586 clothing300340 cowboy hat9584 duo39557 female745271 gif21499 gritted teeth6872 hat53181 horses doing horse things799 kicking1283 kicks mcgee15 mare295373 ouch647 the trail less trotten51 treehouse logo375 unshorn fetlocks17651


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