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I've been pretty inactive lately, and I apologize. Between school, dozens of unfinished artworks, and being a part of a production, I just didn't have the time, nor did I know what exactly to post.

Then, last week, it was announced that these three technicolor horses are going to be main characters in the upcoming MLP movie, which will air later on this year. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the idea that this is taking place in the Equestria we already know and love, but I'm willing to watch it when it comes out. I'll admit, Izzy, (purple unicorn), was one of the main gals that caught my eye. Kudos to the animators for their ability to animate gradients. And the tennis ball on her horn made me giggle. Pipp does look really pretty too.. Yeah I just wanted to draw some pretty horses.

As for the plot itself, it seems like Hearth's Warming Eve all over again, especially if it takes place years after "The Last Problem." Unless if this is a prequel of some sort, yet I highly doubt that's what this is..

Also no cutie marks because I'm lazy and I couldn't really find their cutie mark references.
safe976795 artist:artisticcupcakezz2 character:izzy moonbow856 character:pipp petals505 character:sunny starscout642 species:earth pony136333 species:pegasus180935 species:pony652198 species:unicorn178974 g51593 blep4886 braid3723 bust27791 chest fluff21906 childproof horn206 circlet400 ear fluff16500 gradient mane1315 pipp wings418 spread wings30704 tennis ball330 tongue out53529 wings65180


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