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From source:

bbbbbbbb im excited for g5 as u can see
safe978517 artist:scalent1 character:applejack97020 character:fluttershy114824 character:pinkie pie119516 character:rainbow dash128815 character:rarity104433 character:sunny starscout838 character:twilight sparkle171040 species:earth pony137042 species:pony654255 episode:the last problem3176 g52044 my little pony: friendship is magic162799 bag2650 bird nest84 braid3782 coat markings989 crepuscular rays1729 facing away139 female731193 g4 to g520 mane six16537 mare282856 plant1314 ruins769 socks (coat marking)1753 solo618538 statue1437


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