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Textless version of >>4014882.
safe979505 alternate version21347 artist:chub-wub345 character:alphabittle12 character:argyle starshine14 character:hitch trailblazer357 character:izzy moonbow1349 character:phyllis cloverleaf4 character:pipp petals748 character:queen haven21 character:sprout42 character:sunny starscout1091 character:zipp storm386 species:earth pony137506 species:pegasus182047 species:pony654876 species:unicorn180221 g52692 :p4782 bird4797 blaze (coat marking)883 blep4986 coat markings1157 crab515 cute123569 daughter312 eye clipping through hair3052 father288 father and child298 father and daughter1253 female732006 glasses35963 gradient mane1738 grin21952 hug16845 male194904 mane g5104 mare283613 markings695 mother1251 mother and child831 mother and daughter2887 multicolored hair3866 open mouth79007 parent and child38 pipp wings628 seagull127 selfie1864 siblings4295 sisters5000 smiling147022 stallion63291 tongue out53746 twins1184 unshorn fetlocks15216 wings65953


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