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From sources:

Lot of people love transmasc Zipp — and don't get me wrong, that's a killer headcanon — but y'all know me; I love latching onto the unusual ones

Bit of a tough one to crack

Tumblr source.

Part 2: >>4016507
safe980293 artist:lieutenantcactus50 artist:mylittlechook2 character:pipp petals828 character:sunny starscout1202 character:zipp storm450 species:earth pony138264 species:pegasus182688 species:pony656575 g52993 my little pony: a new generation532 ...1355 :<633 circlet492 comic66042 dialogue43570 egg2066 female732904 floppy ears29552 frown14390 gender headcanon58 implied transgender17 mare284457 nonbinary263 pipp wings705 profile3717 simple background230954 trans female657 transgender1130 white background53821 wings66355


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