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From source:

Izzy, Izzy, Izzy!✨
safe981010 artist:miss-jessiie229 character:izzy moonbow1554 species:pony657490 species:unicorn181219 g53218 my little pony: a new generation687 :p4804 abstract background8255 blep5037 bracelet5929 cheek squish556 chest fluff22435 colored hooves3966 cute124213 female733869 glasses36061 gradient mane1952 hoof on cheek215 hooves10736 hooves on cheeks116 izzybetes383 jewelry36024 looking at you95741 mare285436 multicolored hair4102 one ear down32 round glasses20 solo620710 squishy cheeks1631 tongue out53894 unshorn fetlocks15567


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