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safe980292 artist:xbi724 derpibooru original12871 character:alphabittle18 character:sunny starscout1202 species:earth pony138264 species:pony656574 species:unicorn180792 g52992 my little pony: a new generation531 30 minute art challenge finished after24 butt21746 colored eyebrows377 colored hooves3744 dance dance revolution87 dancing5089 fake horn464 female732903 frown14390 high res16155 hooves10455 it's alright1 just prance1 looking at each other11492 looking at someone295 male195050 mare284456 motion blur262 motion lines304 open mouth79310 open smile261 plot40962 profile3716 scene interpretation5430 signature13935 smiling147421 stallion63416 sunny starbutt2 text26289 three quarter view970 underhoof26761 unshorn fetlocks15395


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