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From source:

Fun fact: Sprout from mlp is officially based on Dio Brando.
#JJBA #mlpgen5
safe980293 artist:hdthefox12 character:sprout52 species:earth pony138264 species:pony656575 g52993 my little pony: a new generation532 anime3078 bipedal20019 clothing294742 coat markings1242 colored hooves3745 crossover35914 dio brando183 dio sprouto1 hooves10456 japanese4999 jojo's bizarre adventure1464 looking at you95349 male195050 profile3717 signature13935 simple background230954 socks (coat marking)1983 solo620090 stallion63416 stardust crusaders92 text26289 unshorn fetlocks15395 white background53821


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