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From source:

#Sunny #Izzy #MLP #MlpArt #mylittleponyg5 #g5
safe981010 artist:elektra-gertly14 artist:sgertly4 character:izzy moonbow1554 character:sunny starscout1281 species:alicorn134925 species:earth pony138698 species:pony657490 species:unicorn181219 g53218 my little pony: a new generation687 alicornified2914 artificial horn52 artificial wings932 augmented1549 augmented horn15 augmented wings3 bracelet5929 coat markings1345 colored hooves3966 ethereal horn4 ethereal wings71 eye clipping through hair3257 female733869 gradient background7343 gradient mane1952 hooves10736 horn29021 jewelry36024 looking at you95741 magic horn37 magic wings419 multicolored hair4102 open mouth79665 open smile369 race swap8139 raised hoof28027 sitting37525 smiling147846 socks (coat marking)2081 sunnycorn32 unshorn fetlocks15567 wings66772


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