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I accidentally deleted this work, so I'm uploading it again My patreon: [link]
I will be glad of your subscription, now there will be gifts every month!
safe981010 artist:pesty_skillengton22 character:hitch trailblazer473 character:izzy moonbow1554 character:pipp petals880 character:sunny starscout1281 character:zipp storm500 species:earth pony138698 species:pegasus183068 species:pony657486 species:unicorn181219 g53218 aurora borealis281 blaze (coat marking)1002 blurry background20 bracelet5929 chest fluff22435 circlet531 coat markings1345 colored hooves3966 colored wings3821 cute124214 ear fluff17090 eyebrows2863 eyebrows visible through hair1098 female733869 fluffy8686 gradient mane1952 grass5442 grass field397 heart25178 heart eyes8621 heart hoof198 hooves10736 jewelry36024 lighthouse137 male195282 mane g5132 mare285437 multicolored hair4102 multicolored wings1885 one eye closed16892 open mouth79665 open smile369 pipp wings756 smiling147846 socks (coat marking)2081 spread wings31529 stallion63607 unshorn fetlocks15567 wing fluff1022 wingding eyes12019 wings66776 wink14037


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Kind of weird that Izzy is at the center instead of Sunny, though. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's adorable, but Sunny is more clearly the parallel to Twilight…