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From source:

Additional version with size comparison

Original: >>4016626
safe983895 alternate version21810 artist:pwnagespartan11 character:izzy moonbow1807 character:pipp petals1028 species:anthro146725 species:pegasus184300 species:unicorn182598 g53844 my little pony: a new generation887 adorapipp237 balloon5756 choker6270 circlet602 clothing296920 cloud18043 compass87 cute125394 dress26894 duo37908 duo female6263 female737310 gradient mane2223 hammer1002 height supremacy3 high res16465 horn29963 horn impalement303 izzy impaling things12 izzy is tol2 izzybetes472 jewelry36688 larger female296 marelet5 multicolored hair4434 necklace11122 overalls1014 paint1194 paint can53 pipp is small38 pipp wings899 screwdriver205 size difference6977 skirt23696 smaller female58 smol369 spread wings32334 text27025 thought bubble1955 tools126 wings68198


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