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Two Sockies for the Price of One!🧦

More silly sketches | (• ◡•)|
safe993937 artist:rexyseven234 oc377540 oc only253905 oc:rusty gears168 oc:whispy slippers90 species:earth pony143621 species:pony671236 abstract background9093 blushing106569 clothing300729 cute129595 duo39884 duo female7133 female746551 females only8015 freckles18381 glasses36753 heterochromia3260 holding2292 looking at you100462 mare296450 mouth hold11008 ocbetes3926 orange background488 ponytail11699 shoes22206 simple background237053 sketch34950 slippers668 socks37464 suggestive source94 tongue out54904


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