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A Patreon patron reward for coldsilverd. This is an #Anthro version of their character Softheart from the ClearSkiesGM's Roan RPG setting. Thus the lack of cutie mark.
She's a member of Roan Military, but she's got a love for swimming.
safe989720 artist:baron engel2075 patreon reward1003 oc376383 oc only253091 oc:softheart3 species:anthro147573 species:pony666922 species:unguligrade anthro28320 adult blank flank54 black and white7535 blank flank4016 clothing299521 duffle bag68 explicit source5596 eyebrows7443 female742908 grayscale22690 looking at you99295 mare293362 monochrome85683 one-piece swimsuit2791 pencil drawing5766 roan rpg48 sexy17974 simple background235500 solo627669 stupid sexy oc85 swimsuit17607 tail15634 thighs6404 towel2328 traditional art65841 unshorn fetlocks16885 white background55338


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