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After watching episode 2 from Tell Your Tale series, this is the one thing I notice the most, Hitch can't catch a break
safe989720 artist:scribblepotato69 character:hitch trailblazer741 character:izzy moonbow2242 character:sunny starscout1802 species:earth pony141993 species:pony666922 species:unicorn184991 episode:zipp gets her wings15 g55411 my little pony: tell your tale276 spoiler:g5603 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale163 spoiler:tyts01e0211 ...1380 apple9514 banana1112 blaze (coat marking)1286 bracelet6185 coat markings1887 colored hooves5237 cute127805 dialogue44621 eyes closed54762 female742908 floppy ears30882 food41873 fruit656 gradient hair2706 grapes295 hitchbetes102 hoof hold5379 hooves12509 izzybetes629 jewelry37664 male197010 mare293362 multicolored hair5030 pineapple256 raised hoof28985 sad hitch1 signature16401 simple background235500 socks (coat marking)2543 speech bubble14172 stallion64886 sunnybetes472 text27660 unshorn fetlocks16885 watermelon384 yellow background792


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