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From source:

She looks amazing with flowers in her mane ^^
#mlp #mlpfanart #mlptellyourtale #mylittlepony #MyLittlePonyANewGeneration #mlpg5

Version with screencap: >>4020614
safe989720 alternate version22217 artist:skysorbett48 character:izzy moonbow2242 species:pony666922 species:unicorn184991 g55411 my little pony: tell your tale276 spoiler:g5603 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale163 spoiler:tyts01e058 blue background2969 bracelet6185 colored hooves5237 cute127805 flower15404 flower in hair4731 gradient hair2706 hooves12509 izzybetes629 jewelry37664 mane melody8 multicolored hair5030 open mouth82144 open smile1049 raised hoof28985 signature16401 simple background235500 smiling151380 solo627669 unshorn fetlocks16885


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