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safe986150 screencap194412 character:izzy moonbow2045 character:pipp petals1154 character:sunny starscout1603 character:zipp storm761 species:earth pony140909 species:pegasus185130 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183687 episode:clip trot3 g54578 my little pony: tell your tale144 spoiler:g5256 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale78 spoiler:tyts01e073 cellphone2320 female739883 flashback780 frown14594 gradient hair2499 high res16591 mare290472 multicolored hair4778 out of context3744 phone3736 pipp wings1027 rain3832 smartphone1397 wavy mouth2208 wet4345 wet mane3300


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