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DeviantArt description:

It's the begining of May, but it's like early summer. That pretty much was the inspiration for this.
safe986211 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen878 manebooru spotlight105 character:izzy moonbow2047 character:sunny starscout1604 species:earth pony140933 species:pony663398 species:unicorn183714 g54591 alternate hairstyle17244 cheek fluff3533 chest fluff22922 chocolate1916 coat markings1688 colored hooves4839 ear fluff17817 eyes closed54370 fan500 fans30 female739938 fluffy8836 food41643 glowing133 glowing horn12208 gradient hair2501 hooves11916 horn30693 hot224 ice cream3026 leg fluff2101 leonine tail4848 lying down9408 magic45201 magic aura2719 mare290522 melting309 multicolored hair4780 ponytail11572 profile4989 prone15619 signature15420 simple background234220 sitting38271 socks (coat marking)2376 sweat13715 sweatdrops293 tail15165 telekinesis17406 transparent background126764 unshorn fetlocks16439


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