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DeviantArt description:

It's the begining of May, but it's like early summer. That pretty much was the inspiration for this.
safe983169 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen869 character:izzy moonbow1717 character:sunny starscout1440 species:earth pony139753 species:pony659912 species:unicorn182206 g53657 alternate hairstyle17133 cheek fluff3457 chest fluff22667 chocolate1912 coat markings1515 colored hooves4414 ear fluff17462 eyes closed53998 fan493 fans29 featured image80 female736395 fluffy8759 food41436 glowing79 glowing horn12015 gradient mane2130 gradient tail204 hooves11318 horn29689 hot221 ice cream3015 leg fluff2025 leonine tail4770 lying down9087 magic44961 magic aura2617 mare287697 melting309 multicolored hair4322 ponytail11422 profile4562 prone15551 signature14828 simple background232705 sitting37845 socks (coat marking)2232 sweat13616 sweatdrops285 tail14253 telekinesis17291 transparent background126610 unshorn fetlocks15995


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