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From source (7 April 2022):

Illustration Based on the "Tell Your Tale" short featuring a flashback of baby zipp.

#mlpg5 #mlp #brony
safe986211 artist:poxy_boxy14 character:zipp storm764 species:pegasus185150 species:pony663398 episode:zipp gets her wings15 g54591 my little pony: tell your tale145 spoiler:g5261 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale79 spoiler:tyts01e0210 adorazipp115 cute126271 diabetes416 digital art10006 female739938 filly35743 filly zipp storm12 foal8910 limited palette1070 monochrome85618 open mouth81255 open smile699 smiling149976 smol378 solo625391 spread wings32841 text27366 vector50081 wings69077 young1384 younger10815


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