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A little behind the scene(?) about the prompt: I actually did all the main characters but time wasn’t on my side, so I picked my favorite (perhaps another opportunity)

Here’s the rough draft, with the very rough idea on their designs
safe989700 artist:scribblepotato69 character:hitch trailblazer741 character:izzy moonbow2242 character:pipp petals1340 character:sprout143 character:sunny starscout1802 character:zipp storm941 species:changedling1421 species:changeling27134 species:hippogriff6188 species:kirin5413 g55410 adorapipp384 adorazipp187 bioluminescent163 blaze (coat marking)1286 changelingified731 crown10435 cute127797 eyebrows7420 eyebrows visible through hair2658 eyelashes5362 eyes closed54761 female742890 floppy ears30881 glowing187 gradient hair2706 hippogriffied61 horn31457 izzybetes629 jewelry37662 kirin-ified427 leonine tail4868 male197009 multicolored hair5030 necklace11559 nuzzling2421 pipp wings1206 regalia12228 sketch34813 smiling151365 species swap12430 sunnybetes472 tail15631


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