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From source (22 July 2022):
A Sunny morning
safe985238 artist:luminousdazzle154 character:sunny starscout1548 species:earth pony140582 species:pony662577 g54337 my little pony: a new generation933 bed22749 bed mane460 coat markings1639 colored eyebrows1225 colored hooves4723 cute125920 dishevelled105 eyebrows5973 female738970 frown14566 gradient hooves312 grumpy1733 hooves11761 lidded eyes19616 lying down9335 mare289810 messy mane4673 mood23 moody25 morning622 morning ponies990 multicolored hair4706 pillow10166 prone15601 signature15245 sleepy1032 socks (coat marking)2340 solo624837 sunnybetes377 tired1961 unshorn fetlocks16316


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