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From source (22 December 2021):

First time making digital art of ponies. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I see potential in a romance between Hitch Trailblazer and Pipp Petals. I think they have a fair amount in common and they can be cute together.
safe985238 artist:hakdurbin1 character:hitch trailblazer625 character:pipp petals1106 species:earth pony140582 species:pegasus184877 species:pony662577 ship:hitchpipp23 g54337 bedroom eyes31558 blaze (coat marking)1159 blushing105227 circlet624 coat markings1639 colored hooves4723 eye contact3882 female738970 g5 to g461 hooves11761 lidded eyes19616 looking at each other11734 male196251 mare289810 open mouth81053 pipp wings978 profile4861 raised hoof28506 red eyes3360 shipping103026 simple background233887 socks (coat marking)2340 spread wings32704 stallion64314 straight64048 three quarter view2502 transparent background126734 wings68847


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