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Uploaded to source on 6 July 2022.
safe985237 artist:uotapo912 character:pipp petals1106 character:zipp storm717 species:pegasus184877 species:pony662576 g54336 angry16377 blushing105227 chest fluff22854 circlet624 colored hooves4723 colored wings4110 dialogue44265 duo38289 duo female6436 ear fluff17729 female738969 filly35701 floppy ears30489 foal8897 headband2058 height scale18 hooves11761 multicolored wings2168 open mouth81053 pictogram1177 pipp is small43 pipp petals is not amused4 pipp wings978 raised hoof28506 royal sisters (g5)11 siblings4407 sisters5098 speech bubble14029 sweat13692 sweatdrop1800 tears of anger18 teary eyes2242 text27254 three quarter view2502 unamused9722 unshorn fetlocks16316 wings68847 young1341 zipp is short1


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