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A Patreon reward for @MissMagnificen8 It's their oc Sapphire Crystal being awesome at jazz dance class.
safe984332 artist:baron engel2001 patreon reward976 oc375250 oc only252215 oc:sapphire crystal2 species:anthro147038 species:pegasus184498 species:pony661500 species:unguligrade anthro28070 belly button44673 black and white7440 boombox143 braid4016 clothing297307 crop top21 dancing5104 eyebrows5331 eyes closed54165 female737889 grayscale22567 mare288897 midriff12208 monochrome85491 music notes2050 open mouth80770 pencil drawing5686 shorts9042 simple background233381 solo624015 spread wings32491 tail14736 traditional art65635 white background54616 wings68455


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