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I've posted drawings of #Anthro #MLP characters in a #FalloutEquestria inspired setting.

But I haven't done any drawings of the characters from Kkat's writing. Well with their okay that will be changing in the future. So here's Velvet Remedy.
safe985209 artist:baron engel2039 oc375557 oc only252452 oc:velvet remedy633 species:anthro147351 species:pony662544 species:unguligrade anthro28169 species:unicorn183344 fallout equestria8728 breasts156173 bust28545 cleavage21717 clothing297892 crossover36281 dress27025 explicit source5150 eyebrows5962 eyelashes4766 fallout1868 female738941 grimdark source135 horn30532 looking at you97860 mare289783 microphone3280 pipbuck1945 solo624815 tail15027 utility belt29 vault suit1934


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