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Rusty Stickering 🌟

safe985209 artist:rexyseven202 oc375557 oc:rusty gears146 oc:whispy slippers76 species:earth pony140569 species:pony662544 angry16376 blushing105227 board43 butt22553 clothing297892 cute125914 cutie mark28139 disembodied hand1286 duo38282 duo female6431 eyebrows5962 eyelashes4766 female738941 floating heart1242 freckles17773 hammer1004 hand4622 hat52490 head pat162 heart25417 heterochromia3109 long26 mare289783 nail57 nightcap328 ocbetes3561 open mouth81046 rainbow2339 scarf13687 sharp teeth2436 shoes21795 sleeping13163 slippers651 socks37097 starry eyes1999 sticker735 straw in mouth504 striped socks12018 sunglasses8692 telegram sticker232 text27252 vomiting141 wide eyes10473


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