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From source (10 August 2022):
safe986150 artist:maren743 character:zipp storm761 species:pegasus185130 species:pony663338 g54578 my little pony: tell your tale144 adorazipp112 blushing105361 bust28611 colored eyebrows1326 colored hooves4829 colored wings4140 cute126243 duality2598 exclamation point2065 eyebrows6253 female739884 flustered174 hooves11906 looking at you98125 mare290473 multicolored wings2197 profile4978 raised hoof28591 signature15411 simple background234201 smiling149952 solo625351 sweat13714 sweatdrops293 three quarter view2629 unshorn fetlocks16432 white background54902 wings69061


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