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G5 Villains(?) just dropped?? My prediction is that Li'l Blue here is gonna have a Glim-Glam reformation arc.
safe989760 artist:banquo0163 character:misty brightdawn316 character:opaline arcana104 species:alicorn136667 species:pony666955 species:unicorn185010 g55426 spoiler:g5608 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark429 angry16458 coat markings1890 curly hair534 curved horn4122 duo39047 duo female6775 eyebrows7471 female742948 females only7995 freckles18088 frizzy hair131 frown14680 g5 to g481 glare5252 gritted teeth6831 hooves12511 horn31498 looking at you99304 mare293397 multicolored hair5035 multicolored horn66 one hoof raised806 socks (coat marking)2545 spread wings33572 two toned coat70 wings70386


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