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safe990969 screencap194939 character:fifi (g5)41 character:thunder flap47 character:windy (g5)31 character:zoom zephyrwing48 species:pegasus186996 species:pony668134 episode:zipp gets her wings15 g56021 my little pony: tell your tale538 spoiler:tyts01e0213 bag2862 clothing299898 cloud18370 colored wings4356 day689 eyebrows7780 female743946 fifibetes13 folded wings4016 frown14727 grin22399 guard803 guardsmare408 hat53052 helmet6893 looking sideways1443 male197266 mare294212 multicolored wings2390 nervous3529 nervous grin683 outdoors5772 pegasus royal guard50 ponytail11646 shoulder bag78 sky8919 smiling151968 stallion65085 tree19718 visor458 wings70745


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